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the loschen's

download pin 8828

please read

here's the photos from your session. the four digit download pin for them is above. when you're ready to download, please be on a computer. once you open the collection on a  desktop/laptop computer there will be an arrow pointing down on a line right after the banner photo towards the right. once the button is clicked, the photos will begin to download. it will then prompt you to a page for either web size or high resolution files. select high resolution files, then you can enter the pin from this email to begin the download. 

the gallery will remain up for one week, please be sure to have it downloaded within this time frame. a re-upload fee of $25 will apply for galleries not downloaded within this time frame. Please refrain from uploading screenshots to social media, instead upload the images that have been downloaded for best quality.

You have full printing/downloading rights to the images. i will also send you the copyright attachment shortly. 

let me know if you have any questions.

again, thank you so so much

much love,